Creating immersive, virtual experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally transformed how we experience these spaces. Many companies have invested in virtual tours to maintain customer access and interest. These tools have served an important role during challenging times, yet most are failing to capture the ‘secret sauce’ that makes a place special, and worth visiting again and again.

Instead, imagine if you could give around the world access at any time to not just the spaces, but also the experiences you’ve worked so hard to curate with the click of a button. That’s the power of a 360Tripp Virtual Experience.

About 360 Tripp

360Tripp virtual experiences are multimedia tours that combine 360-degree photography, video, narration, and much more to showcase spectacular environments. We combine state-of-the-art technology with our deep knowledge and expertise in storytelling to transform spaces into powerful and accessible platforms that educate, inspire, and fascinate visitors.

360Tripp Virtual Experiences are unlike the traditional virtual tour. We offer:

  • A robust multi-media experience: we can combine video, photography, animation, and more to build a complete visible and auditory journey.
  • Self-guided discovery: our platform allows people to dig as deep as they wish into a space, topic, or asset— meaning they can experience a location in a completely new way every visit.
  • Full customization: 360Tripp are professional storytellers first. We get to know each client’s stories, values, customer segments, and desired goals and outcomes before producing unique multi-media experiences that are like no other.
  • Tool integration: we offer full integration of tools and platforms such as social postings, courses, additional video content, and more.
  • Marketing support: We offer tools and resources to market a 360Tripp virtual experience to customers, driving visitation and engagement.

Meet our team

Tripp Adams

Founder | Creator

Tripp Adams is the Founder of 360Tripp. His passion for the arts started in high school when he was introduced to photography from a friend on the school newspaper. He created his own studio and darkroom and fell in love with film, shooting pictures of window and floor displays in his spare time for Lord & Taylors. It did not take long to turn the camera to the great outdoors which provided a never-ending realm of possibilities. Tripp has continued his passion for the arts through 360Tripp, a multi-media production company, which has unlimited possibilities for bringing adventure and excitement into people’s lives. Least to say, Tripp loves what he is doing and not a day goes by where exciting new creations aren’t being realized.

Kelly Vaughn

Marketing | Founder of Node Communications

Kelly Vaughn is the founder of Node Communications, a company that offers marketing and communications support to clients focused on making the world a better place through climate action, resource preservation, and outdoor and environmental stewardship. Before starting Node Communications, Kelly spent over a decade with the global clean energy nonprofit RMI — most recently serving as their Marketing Director for Development. She teamed up with 360Tripp in 2021 because she was inspired by Tripp’s creative vision to make iconic green buildings, parks and gardens, and other educational spaces accessible to all.